Stacks of Books

Well this has been my view this week. Books and books. These are the ones in the basement of the library, or now the Lower Ground Floor (Perhaps to make it less scary if you accidentally get trapped between the moving stacks late at night), which get borrowed once every 30 years or so. The oldy worldy feel is to mirror the aged books. On the plus side these books smell great so if I could get a PhD for smelling old books I would be in business.


4 thoughts on “Stacks of Books

  1. So much to read! Did you find anyone trapped for 30 years? If so a picture please. I guess if these books are borrowed so rarely you only need a skeleton staff to watch over them.

  2. I like smelling old books to. I think there may be a market for just such a Phd. Perhaps you should in fact reject the history phd and instead become the senior lecturer on the book smelling course. I can smell it now.

  3. Alas no 30 year old bodies. Not quite sure why alas. More a good thing I think.
    And I think with all these funding cuts smelling books Ph.D.s could be just what the world is looking for. I’m sure there would be lots of money in it. If of course the books were cut up and turned into money. Or if someone absent-mindedly left 20 pounds as a book mark in the books. Otherwise not so much! :-p

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