Team Scotland

SONY DSCCardiff. 2012. University Womens Nationals. Scotland 1 (Dundee). Scotland 2 (Aberdeen). Scotland 4 (Edinburgh). Basically Scotland rock at playing the friz. Was even worth driving to Cardiff from Aberdeen and back again through a blizzard. So 2nd best team in the UK, not too shabby.


3 thoughts on “Team Scotland

  1. awesome to find another person who is into photography and frisbee! Would really appreiciate it if you have a look at Leeds Ultimate’s video I did to promote awareness of Ultimate in the UK – it features some of Dundee and Aberdeen men from this years open nationals 🙂

    1. Hey. I actually checked this out already – it is doing the rounds amongst the Facebook frisbee community. Looks really cool. Nice indoor frisbee photos in it too – I wish my camera was fast enough for good indoors pics!

      1. yeah – the low-noise levels on my 550d make all of the difference indoors.

        Awesome you’ve see the video already! Can’t believe how far its got without the team knowing. It even got on SKYD’s magazine website.

        Anyways, if you’re off to any outdoor tournaments next season let me know – might see you there!

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